Top 11 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A REALTOR

To make sure you hire the right agent for the job of assisting you with your real estate plans and desires, you must carefully interview and qualify to make sure you work with the right team and person for you and your circumstance. To make sure you hire the right REALTOR, make sure to ask these questions before making your decision.

  1. Which real estate company do you work for?
  2. How long have you been an agent?
  3. Do you have a salesperson’s license or a broker’s license?
  4. Do you hold any other professional designations?
  5. Do you work with other agents or use assistants?
  6. What is the amount/range of commission that you charge?
  7. What areas of the city do you work in and are most familiar with?
  8. Do you understand what I am looking for in this transaction?
  9. Do you have experience working with first-time buyers/investors/first-time sellers/seniors/new-comers?
  10. How many other buyers or sellers are you currently representing?
  11. Can I have three references from other buyers you have worked with recently?